We are brightening up things around Stafford, VA, with new skylights.

Skylights have oftentimes been popular in modern homes and are popular for many homeowners these days for their energy-saving and mood-boosting capabilities.

The natural light that comes from skylights can help reduce the amount of power you use for lighting and because it brightens your space, it can brighten your mood! Old skylights can be replaced with newer more energy-efficient models. Skylights can bring a transformational look to your home for a relatively low cost. Style Installations Inc serves Stafford, Fredericksburg, Prince William County, Fairfax County, and Loudoun County, Virginia.

Asphalt Shingle roof with skylight

Getting a new roof? Why not get a new skylight!

Style Installations Inc installs high-quality skylights in Northern Virginia. Our contractor can install skylights of all sizes and make repairs alongside our roof repair and installation services. If you’re planning for a new roof installation, then why not consider the addition of a skylight? Homeowners that choose to do this tell us they wish they had done this sooner! Skylights can bring in an abundance of light and are a great way to brighten up your home. You can choose from fixed skylights, vented skylights, and sun tunnels.

Need a skylight repair?

Just like any other component that penetrates your roof, skylights require proper flashing to keep the water out. Skylight repair might be needed if you notice a new leak or ventilation issues. The sun’s rays can take a toll on your skylight flashing, just as it would on chimney flashing and vent pipe boots. A routine inspection can catch these small cracks around your skylight and quickly make the repairs before they turn into larger repairs. Old faded skylights, particularly the older bubble skylights, may not be letting in the amount of light they once did. If this is the case a skylight replacement is recommended for optimal light and optimal energy efficiency.

Get your free estimate for a new skylight installation!

A new skylight installation will make you go wow! We’ve seen this time and time again and love it when our customers are happy with their skylight installations. Skylights change the whole feel of a room and make a huge impact. Style Installations Inc in Stafford, VA has been serving homeowners for over 28 years delivering unmatched customer service. We would love to come out and give you a free estimate! 

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